Our Organizational Organogram

Honorable Minister Kazembe Kazembe

Minister of Home affairs and cultural heritage

Mrs. s. tshuma Board Member

Mr. a.b. Mabhena Board member

Doctor Eugenia Chidhakwa

Chairperson of the Zimbabwe lotteries and gaming board

Doctor Douglas Runyowa Board Member

Mrs Maringire board member

Doctor Misheck Pachipano Chingozha

secretary of the zimbabwe lotteries and gaming/ ceo

Mr. Nobert Mazungunye board Member


The Mutare Annual Board Meeting

To create a smooth and functional operation, there has always been a need to brainstorm, plan, implement and review all the processes and procedures employed by LGB. This was why we had to romp in our stakeholders and clients to review and plan for the next implementation for the year 2022. Our inclusive approach has brought some fruits as presentations across the board assisted the regulator to have a direct feedback from those regulated and to seek ways of continuously improving our engagements and operations. LGB endeavors to continue working together with our clients and stake holders so that the intended community benefits are achieved.