Our Promise

The Lotteries and Gaming Board as the Regulatory Board in Zimbabwe with the governance and supervision responsibility of all gaming activities is committed to a fair, responsible, safe, and secure gaming services for all players within the gaming industry.  The board guarantees integrity, ingenuity, consistency, and innovativeness in all its engagements with various stakeholders.  The Lotteries and Gaming Board is alive to the need to constantly reinvent, realign itself to remain relevant and attractive to gaming stakeholders. In this endeavour, Lotteries and Gaming Board is committed to ensuring that the industry is regulated in the best way possible, ensure all players are safe and believe in the initiatives undertaken by the board to advance their interests and business. The Lotteries and Gaming Board Strategic Planning has the following objectives:

  • Acquiring business and regulatory intelligence as a radar for the lotteries and gaming market.
  • Facilitation of empowerment through the shared growth initiative
  • Promotion of responsible gaming, paying particular attention to the backbone of the lotteries and gaming industry, the gaming fans
  • Reengineering and continuous improvement of processes including elimination of inferior quality machines, equipment and systems
  • Promotion of socio-economic development
  • Stewardship of the Lotteries and Gaming Fund