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Welcome to LGB online presence. We are grateful to you as you navigate our website and hoping that we will interact relevantly and provide you with world class services that reflect our good governance and unmatched services. Good corporate citizens are those that are acknowledged by their various stakeholders as having engrained and sustaining good governance of their institutions. Stakeholders and clients in particular are now conscious of how institutions ought to behave, relate or deal with them. Consequently, taking them any how has serious ramifications. We endeavor to offer unpararelled service.

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Foreword by Honorable Minister of home affairs and cultural heritage

All over the world, lotteries and gaming are viewed as important contributors to the development of economies. They help Governments to provide for their people. It is thus out of profound appreciation and gratitude that I welcome you to our online site in the gaming fraternity. I do commend all out stakeholders for the good coordination with the Lotteries and Gaming Board. This shows that in the Gaming field there is no hide and seek as the regulators and operators are blended in an atmosphere of cordial business consensus thus transparency and accountability become easy. Accordingly, regulators become just champions and enablers as opposed to being somewhat watchdogs.

There are some who look at gaming as a route for "Cleaning dirty money" but we should all that the problem in Africa is not the song, but who the singer is. It is thus not about the game but the players who might not be ethical. In order to keep the integrity of the industry intact, please remain attentive to prohibition of illicit practices like money laundering and the financing of terrorism among other serious deliquencies. Therefore, the tenets of responsible lotteries and gaming must be observed at all times and in this regard dissemination of messages of responsible lotteries and gaming should be mandatory in all lotteries and gaming sites.


The environment in which virtually all institutions are operating in is characterized by a lot of volatility, certainities, ambiguities and complexities. While this is the impeccable reality , progressive institutions do not resign to fate but keep on applying themselves in a manner that seeks to attain the best outcomes in whatever setting. This is what defines us as Lotteries and Gaming Board, where we are saying......' we will not depend on fair weather to act' but will continuously and consistently apply ourselves. We will not stop dreaming because the last dream we had was a nightmare. We are motivated by the words of Martin Luther King Jnr who said "...... we should keep on moving and that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience but challenges and controversy

Allow me our valued stakeholders through this website, to invite you to be indeed part of the bigger national picture espoused by the Head of State, to improve the livelihoods, standards and standing of all our people regardless of where they stand in life. As the environment mutates and revolves, let us all assist each other to effectively deal with the many challenges that characterize our industry, that is the operational risk, legal and compliance risk. Welcome to our online effort to collaborate with you our stakeholders in our bid to present clean gaming arrangements for our country.

Dr. p. Chingozha

The world over no institution can aptly survive into the future without forging alliances with the various stakeholders. The institutional stakeholders ought to be given the respect and audience they deserve. Taking them for granted has serious ramifications. In this vein, the LGB Secretary is hereby committing through this Client Service Charter, to acknowledge that the LGB stakeholders have a critical role to play in the Lotteries and Gaming, Totalizator and Bookmaking matrices. The board cannot achieve anything without the stakeholders.

The LGB guided by its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan whose thrust dovetails into the National Strategy Development 1, is set to provide a service beyond reproach. The LGB will be pursuing a transformative trajectory so that the various stakeholders will realise that we can achieve more together. This view borrows from Martin Luther Ling (junior) who once said ‘we should learn to love as brothers or perish together as fools”.

Moving forward LGB is saying if we work purposefully together as we seek to escalate our dreams, ambitions to greater heights, we will propel ourselves to unimaginable levels.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred lottery and gaming destination on the African Continent.

Our Mission Statement

Driving entrepreneurship in lotteries and gaming activities focusing at innovation to enhance business results among licences and protecting the lotteries and gaming fans from unfair business practices

Our Core Values

Consistency Accountability Fairness Integrity/Interactivity Transparency Empowerment/engagement/Excellence/Entrepreneurship [CAFITE]