Lotteries and Gaming Act

To regulate and control lotteries and gaming and activities connected therewith;  to establish the Lotteries and Gaming Board and to provide for its functions;  to establish the Lotteries and Gaming Fund and to provide for its management and control; to provide for the promotion and conduct of State lotteries and the safeguarding and application of revenues derived therefrom;  to provide for the imposition of levies on persons who conduct lotteries and gaming activities and to regulate the payment of such levies;  to amend the Betting and Totalizator Control Act [Chapter 10:02] and to repeal the Gaming-houses Suppression Act [Chapter 9:09], the Lotteries Prohibition Act [Chapter 9:14], the Casino Act [Chapter 10:03], the Lotteries and Gaming (Exemption) Act [Chapter 10:13] and the State Lotteries Act [Chapter 17:07];  and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

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