There is much evidence of an extensive facelift of the call centre at No. 44 Lawson Avenue. We are reaching out to our stakeholders and as well them doing the same as mobility has been enhanced. The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage commissioned 3 brand new cars to improve targeted service delivery.

Lotteries and Gaming Board has seen tremendous development as it roped in Board Members that are responding positively in different ways to the expectations of the board in meeting developmental goals as enshrined  in the Zimbabwe national development drive with a strategy to embrace economic independence.

We continue to collaborate nad design platforms of working together and sharing our experiences with others in pursuit of continuous improvement in the manner we implement our policing virtues to our operators. We have created a strong networking platform entirely to involve everyone in the gest of things. We welcome you to LGB

The Lotteries and Gaming Board as the Regulatory Board in Zimbabwe with the governance and supervision responsibility of all gaming activities is committed to a fair, responsible, safe, and secure gaming services for all players within the gaming industry.  The board guarantees integrity, ingenuity, consistency, and innovativeness in all its engagements with various stakeholders.  The Lotteries and Gaming Board is alive to the need to constantly reinvent, realign itself to remain relevant and attractive to gaming stakeholders. In this endeavour, Lotteries and Gaming Board is committed to ensuring that the industry is regulated in the best way possible, ensure all players are safe and believe in the initiatives undertaken by the board to advance their interests and business. The Lotteries and Gaming Board Strategic Planning has the following objectives:

  • Acquiring business and regulatory intelligence as a radar for the lotteries and gaming market.
  • Facilitation of empowerment through the shared growth initiative
  • Promotion of responsible gaming, paying particular attention to the backbone of the lotteries and gaming industry, the gaming fans
  • Reengineering and continuous improvement of processes including elimination of inferior quality machines, equipment and systems
  • Promotion of socio-economic development
  • Stewardship of the Lotteries and Gaming Fund



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Gambling can be lawful if performed within the confines of the law. It is from this stand point that regulation become much needed to protect both the business and its clients. Many times responsible gaming and gambling has assisted to create wealth, not only for those in the business, but we have seen communities benefitting a lot due to corporate responsibility from the players concerned. This has been made possible through lawful structures created by the government to bring sanity and order into this activity from way down the past. People have betted, gambled and put their money to games thereby helping to circulate wealth in societies and improved livelihoods not only from those that would have won, but from the regulators who invested in community development. It is from this angle that we  see our partners coming to join in the development of communities in areas like construction of clinics, public amenities like tennis courts, schools and colleges to name but just a few. We welcome you to our online system so that you partner with us in realizing our set goals and objectives to cause sanity that benefits society in the manner that lotteries and gaming industry operates. Lotteries and Gaming Board stands ready to provide useful information on all legal gambling activities.

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