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It is with a heavy heart that I address you ladies and gentlemen as we gather to double and cast in concrete our resolve to say NO to illegal gaming within our jurisdiction. At crucial a time when we ought to be the answer to life and not the problem.Illegal gaming is not good news to legitimate operators and neither does it amuse the authorities.  In that regard, it has to be frowned at by all progressive citizens and players. If allowed to prevail there is indeed no winner yet this is within our power to nip in the bud ladies and gentlemen. Consequently, do not be an uninterested passenger in this journey were we are saying no to illegality in all its forms and dimensions. For that reason it is really within our power to put a dent on the universe by putting the right foot down as we say no to illegal gaming in all its forms.

Ladies and gentlemen, legitimate gambling is a pillar to society and government revenue streams.  Leakages that come with illegal gaming are then not only evil but destructive to both the socio-economic fibre and standing of a nation. For that reason we need the missionary zeal to flash out it out. This takes all of us, it requires all of us, you and me: for steam does not drive an engine unless it is confined. Ladies and gentlemen be reminded that it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow and no step is ever too short. We will if we say we can. This is about our attitude towards the problem, but then William James said, ’the greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter the destiny of their lives by altering the attitude of the mind.’

Ladies and gentlemen, as much as we talk of Community Policing, in which we envisage a police force/service that does not flex a heavy hand on its citizens, what we need to appreciate clearly is that ‘Community Policing is not hug the thug’ consistent with Newton’s Laws of Motion, therefore the second law, ladies and gentlemen, to every force there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

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